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At Solar Mall, we can help you say farewell to blackouts entirely in Nigeria. Whether it is your home or your office that you wish to protect from power blackouts, we have got you covered. At Solar Mall, we have a series of solar solution products that we supply to our customers. We supply a huge variety of solar solution products ranging from solar panels to solar water heaters, to solar water pumping machines to solar charge controllers to solar hybrid inverters, solar freezers, solar street lights and so on. Basically, we have the solution to all your energy needs at Solar Mall.

Many Nigerian business owners and house owners would love to have a sustainable and affordable power solution for their establishments and homes. At Solar Mall, we have everything they need to achieve this goal. All the solar solutions you could ever ask for are available with us at Solar Mall.

Buy Inverter Online In Nigeria

You can buy your inverters and batteries in Lagos from our online shop at Solar Mall without any difficulty. You will get the best luminous inverter battery in Nigeria on If you are searching for an inverter for your home or office, look no further, will offer you an extensive choice of inverters with the best-case scenario costs.

Where to buy Hybrid Inverters in Nigeria?

We have the best hybrid inverters at Solar Mall. Our hybrid inverter prices differ depending on the Kw capacity of the inverter. There are different KW capacities for inverters and it is depending on these watt capacities that the price ranges are determined. The higher and bigger the watt capacity of an inverter is, the more expensive it will be priced from the manufacturer. Whether you need a 5kw, 10kw, 15kw or even a 22kw hybrid inverter, we got you covered at Solar Mall.

Where to buy Solar Street light in Nigeria

Solar street lights are street lamps that illuminate the streets of a particular area through the use of solar energy. No matter the capacity of solar street lights that you need, we have them at Solar Mall. Street lights in Nigeria are, many times, battery powered. Solar street lights on the other hand, will last longer and be highly durable. At Solar Mall, we specialize in supplying quality street lights and their poles to our customers all over Nigeria.

Where to buy Solar Flood Light in Nigeria?

Solar Mall also deals in the sales of solar flood lights. Solar flood lights are usually used to light up large areas of space like stadiums, concert grounds, and other open large spaces. If you need solar flood lights for any occasion or purpose in Nigeria, then you can get them from us Solar Mall.

Where to buy Solar Solution in Nigeria?

Solar solutions are solar powered appliances and equipment that help to generate electricity. They are the go-to option for generating clean and green energy that will not damage the environment with its emissions. If you want to buy solar solutions in Nigeria, one place you should look into is Solar Mall. At Solar Mall, we have a variety of solar powered appliances that you can use that work through tapping energy from the sun. Also, our solar appliances at Solar Mall are very affordable and long-lasting. All our equipment is original and authentic and are bought directly from their manufacturers. You can also trust the warranty on these products as they are highly durable and of impressive quality.

Solar solutions are now widely sought after in many developing countries where there is no stable electricity supply. Since the cost of gas and petrol keeps skyrocketing all over the world, little wonder people now look to affordable solar installations to bridge the gap for them. Although the cost of installing solar solutions might be costly at first, but later on, there is not much recurring costs especially after installation.

Where to buy Stabilizer in Nigeria?

Our Stabilizers at Solar Mall are unmatched in every sense as they come in various capacities depending on the equipment or applications it is stabilizing. For example, the capacity for a stabilizer carrying an Air conditioner, LCD TV, Music system, Refrigerator, Deep Freezer, Washing machine, Microwave oven, Treadmill and Mainline stabilizers are very different. Our Stabilizers at Solar Mall come in a great deal of variety with the goal that you locate an ideal fit for your apparatus. It can ensure gadgets and bigger home apparatuses like TV, air condition and music systems from voltage spikes and surges. Likewise, we have a range of versatile stabilizers to suit all kinds of needs for major home appliances. You can peruse over the class to locate an appropriate one for your valuable machines.

Where to get Servo Stabilizer in Nigeria?

Servo Stabilizers use an engine driven variable autotransformer and a Buck\Boost transformer which is connected between the incoming phase supply and the load. Due to this mechanization, there is little deferral in voltage adjustment. This sort of innovation is exceptionally compelling thinking about large three stage applications, as it can keep up its exactness of every one of the three stages, both line to line and line to impartial, regardless of info voltage. Do you need a servo stabilizer in Nigeria? You can get your quality servo Stabilizers from us at Solar Mall. We will process your order online and deliver your quality servo stabilizers to you wherever you are in Nigeria.

SolarMall brand of stabilizers, Inverter, Batteries and Solar Charge Controller are available In Nigeria. We high quality brand of stabilizers that will help your home and office say bye to a regular destruction of appliances and equipment from power surges. 





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