Inverter Load Calculator

Our Inverter load calculator’s goal is to help you precisely estimate the size of the electrical service based on the installed electrical equipment. Your total load will be displayed in watts, and the size of the inverter and batteries that are appropriate for the load will be suggested in the load calculator. Make sure all electrical appliances are accurately included when utilizing the load calculator. There is preset wattages for the various products.

The fundamental lighting load and necessary appliance circuits are determined by the inverter electrical load calculator, which is based on the wattage of the home electrical appliances that you want to use on the inverter. You can choose from electrical data that is Pre-Loaded into the Electrical Load Calculator.

In the kitchen, laundry room, and garage, heavier equipment such appliances and motor type loads are frequently employed. For precise calculations, make sure to check the nameplate information.

Air conditioning and heating. Because heating and cooling equipment often requires a higher electrical load, it is crucial to correctly identify it.

Calculations should be made: The information you have entered into this inverter load calculator will be used to perform calculations automatically when you click on the appliance you want to add in the Calculator.

The load calculator is divided into three main sections that allow you to enter the relevant details about the anticipated electrical equipment, the quantity and number of hours you want the item to run on the inverter.

The calculations follow the national electrical codes, which emphasize necessary loads and take into account motor and appliance equipment. You can get more information on typical equipment loads that can be chosen from the drop-down in the inverter load calculator.

Now Calculate Your Load Below:

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