Where to buy Stabilizer in Nigeria?
We import the best stabilizers from the best brands at Apex Power Hub. We know quality stabilizers when we see it and that is also what we sell to our customers. Depending on the type of equipment or appliances that the stabilizer will have stabilizing capacity for, the specifications and price of stabilizers will widely vary. What this means is that, if the stabilizer has the KW capacity to carry and stabilize equipment such as freezer, LCD TV, air conditioners, washing machine etc., all at the same time, then its price will be very different from that of a mainline stabilizer.

Whatever it is that you need your stabilizer for, whichever kind of equipment you want to protect with the stabilizer, we have a stabilizer just for you at Apex Power Hub. Our stabilizers at Apex Power Hub are very affordable, high quality, durable and long lasting. We also have time warranty on our products to enable you return the product if it does not function properly after you bought it.

The work of a stabilizer cannot be overemphasized. Stabilizers prevent your major household appliances from burning in situations of power surges or sudden voltage drop. Voltage spikes and plunges can immediately destroy some important gadgets or spoil them little by little over a period of time if consistent.

  • 200kVA 3 phase vectronic stabilizer

    100kVA 3 phase vectronic stabilizer


    Vectronic Stabilizers



    Where to buy a vectronic stabilizer in Nigeria?


    At DC Power Technologies, we sell, distribute and deliver different brands of stabilizers to our customers. If you need to get a stabilizer for your home or office in Nigeria, look no further than our technology company here at DC Power Technologies. We sell all types of home and office appliances that are highly useful, efficient and long lasting. Have you been wondering where to buy a vectronic stabilizer in Nigeria? Buy from us at DC Power Technologies now and get juicy deals.


    What is the price of  5000W Stabilizer in Nigeria currently?


    Looking to get a stabilizer of 5000W specification? This kind of stabilizer is available in stock in our store at DC Power Technologies. The price of a 5000W stabilizer in our store ranges from about ₦47,000 to as high as ₦70,000 depending on the specific brand you wish to buy.


    Buy Stabilizer for fridge from DC Power Technologies


    Many times, while using heavy appliances like fridges and air conditioners which use a lot of electricity voltage, you might need a stabilizer to protect such appliances from sudden power drops or surges. If you need a stabilizer for the fridge, look no further. We at DC Power Technologies, have different stabilizer brands that will work perfectly to protect your fridge from electric surges.

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  • 100KVA 3-Phase SJW-SERIES Rilsopower Servo Stabilizer With 18 Months Warranty


    100KVA 3-Phase SJW-SERIES Rilsopower Servo Stabilizer With 18 Months Warranty comes with a wide range of input voltage from (90-260) vac and a constant output voltage of 220v, thus providing a stabilizer voltage supply and protecting all electrical appliances in your premises: air conditioner, fridge, freezers, tv, home theatre, DVD, satellite decoder, electronics, lights, fans, washing machine, microwave, pumping machine, photocopier, printer, desktops, notebooks, etc.

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  • 100kva 3phase Servo Central Industrial Stabilizer


    100kva 3phase Servo Industrial Stabilizer wide input range,surge protection.for stable voltage on your entire,Appliances,Equipment,offices etc.1year warranty

    100 kVA 3 phase Industrial AC Automatic Voltage Stabilizer Specifications

    • Input: Three phase and four-line system, 175V-265V (phase voltage), 304V-456V (line voltage)

    • Output: Three phase 380V, other voltages can be customized

    • High technology with computer programming control

    • Comes with seek, compact and elegant design

    • Perfect protection function: Over/ low voltage protection, over heat/ load protection, short circuit protection

    • High efficiency: More than 95% Model Number Capacity Phase Input Voltage Range Output Voltage Output Accuracy Frequency SBW-60K 100 kVA 3 Phase 4-line 175V-265V (phase voltage), 304V-456V (line voltage) 3 phase 380V (Optional: 110V/ 120V/ 208V/ 220V/ 230V/ 240V/ 400V/ 415V/ 480V) ±2~4%/ ±1% (Optional) 50Hz/60Hz

    Current Type Efficiency Response Time Ambient Temperature Cooling Method Insulation Resistance Electrical intensity Overload Waveform Distortion Protection Warranty Certificate Weight Package Size AC ≥95% ≤1.5S -10°C~ 40°C Naturally air cooled ≥5MΩ Without breakdown and flashover phenomena at power frequency sine voltage 2000V for 1 min Double rated current, one min Non-lack fidelity waveform Over-voltage, over-current, feed phases 12 months ISO9001:2008, PCT, SGS, CE 370 Kg 800x620x1350 mm 100 kVA 3 phase Industrial AC Automatic Voltage Stabilizer is an adjustable automatic voltage compensation high-power regulating power device.

    When the voltage from the supply network is varied or due to the loading current effect, it automatically regulates the output voltage to ensure the normal function of the varied electric equipment.

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  • 100kva stabilizer



    100kva stabilizer for office and industrial use. The Rilso power 100kva three-phase central voltage stabilizer is designed for situations where there are large numbers of appliances and industrial machines. Most suitable for business premises and factories regulating voltage surges and high and low voltages.

    Rilso Power has a wide range of stabilizers for home, office or industrial use.

    Unstable voltage supply tends to cut short life span of home, office or industrial appliances.

    In order to prevent damage to appliances that could come about due to voltage fluctuations in your business premises, getting a 100kva central voltage stabilizer will do the job of protecting valuable appliances on your business premises.

    Rilso Power Central Voltage Stabilizers are designed with the most advanced servo technology with a very high precision. Rilso Power Central Voltage Stabilizers has the advantages of high precision, small loss, long time operation, 1.6 times rated capacity of instantaneous overload, coupled with overload, over current and over-voltage protection.

    If you are looking at getting a central voltage stabilizer that is precise, reliable, rugged and with a long life span, Rilso Power Central Voltage Stabilizers is one to go for.

    100kva stabilizer

    100kva three phase stabilizer

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  • 100KVA Three Phase Servo Voltage Stabilizer 380V (±30%) input


    100KVA Three Phase Servo Voltage Stabilizer 380V (±30%) input model is a three-phase compensation with high-precision regulator, cabinet type. Further more, It comes with LED digital display design and also compensated structure voltage regulation. In addition to this, It is mainly composed of voltage regulation transformer and compensation transformer. Besides, it is also characterized by enough power that can achieve relatively large power and maintain high precision output.

    In addition to what has been mentioned above, the input voltage range (especially the minimum voltage) is very wide. The regular voltage stabilizer cannot handle extreme low and unbalance voltage but this model can handle them conveniently. Furthermore, even if those can reluctantly work, the output is de-rated a lot due to low voltage and high current situation. A special voltage stabilizer with a step-up transformer can somehow solve the problem, but it has the disadvantages of high cost, low efficiency, and more space occupation.
    In addition, our specially designed PRAG series of 100KVA Three Phase Servo Voltage Stabilizer 380V (±30%) input, adopts patent regulator that copes with the low input voltage, and output voltage regulated to rated 220V without de-rated input power. Similarly, its high cost-effective, reliability, high performance and long lifetime are all backed by a world-class manufacturer with decades of mains power experience. Subsequently, It is applied for any load like telecom, medical, industrial, and household applications.
    100KVA Three Phase Servo Voltage Stabilizer Applications
    Above all, the Prag 100KVA Three Phase Servo Voltage Stabilizer 380V (±30%) input, is widely used in lots of places and not limited to industries and mining enterprises, printing companies, machine tools, post and telecommunications business, railways, construction sites, schools, hospitals, hotels, defence ministries, scientific research centres and other departments of electronic computers, precision machine tools, precision instruments, experimental devices, elevators, and production lines.

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  • 100KVA Three-Phase Servo Voltage Stabilizer


    A&E 100KVA 3phase Servo Stabilizer (240-470)


    A&E 100kva 3phase Servo stabilizer (240V-470V) will protect all the electrical appliances both in your home and office.


    A&E Dunamis servo stabilizer comes with a wild range of input voltage from 240V-470V and a constant input of 220 volts, thus providing a stabilizer voltage supply and protecting all electrical appliances in your premises, both your home and offices, this includes Electronics, Fridge, and freezer, Smart TV, home theater, Air Condition, Satellite Decoder, washing machine, fans, etc.


    A&E Dunamis stabilizers are of the best quality and Affordable stabilizer in Nigeria and West Africa, A&E 100KVA servo stabilizer is based on digital technology that provides good protection and wonderful stabilization to all your Electrical Appliance both in your home and offices.


    A&E 100KVA servo stabilizer is designed as a central stabilizer to protect all house and offices equipment.


    A&E 100KVA servo stabilizer can handle all inductive loads such as washing machines, air-condition, vacuum cleaners, etc.


    A&E 100KVA SERVO stabilizer is built with the modern technology of special transformer of servo technology and it comes with digital control technology.



    • It regulates better than other servo stabilizers
    • It comes with digital control technology
    • Built with better servo technology
    • It’s a wall mount stabilizer
    • It will protect all your appliances over low or high voltage



    • Home appliances
    • Office equipment
    • Medical equipment.


    A&E 100kva 3phase Servo stabilizer

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  • 100kVA Zektron Servo Automatic Voltage Stabilizer


    Undoubtedly Automatic Voltage Regulator is a “Must-Have” in this high-tech world, Zektron AVR feeds steady voltage to critical electrical appliances and machines to give them protection from power fluctuations .

    A minor fluctuation in power can lead to malfunction or break down of electronic appliances or machinery. To prevent this, a reliable and rugged yet smart AVR have been invented. Zektron is a cutting-edge distortion-free, automatic voltage regulator that gives perfectly stable power output even under severe conditions of unbalanced voltage.

    Zektron range of Automatic Voltage Regulators are designed and manufactured with high quality components to protect your critical electrical appliances and heavy-duty machinery against voltage fluctuation which can cause malfunctioning or break down whereas increasing life of your equipment, with reduced heating and noise.

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