• KSTAR Online UPS 10KVA/192V


    The Megapower three-phase transformer-less parallel redundancy online UPS series, featured with smallest footprint cabinet, built-in batteries, DSP Control, Common Battery, Programmable battery voltage, intelligent charge mode with powerful battery charger, is an ideal budget-concerned solution to your server, bank, industrial equipment, internet data center, telecom, IT equipment and other mission-critical application.

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  • KSTAR Online UPS 10KVA/192V

    • True double-conversion design with high adaptability to harsh mains conditions
    • DSP design enables precise and reliable control
    • High efficiency results in energy saving
    • Output power factor 0.8 (up to 0.9 under 30℃)
    • Wide AC input range (110-300VAC)
    • Automatic switching between 50/60Hz system
    • Automatic boost/buck
    • ± 1 % voltage regulation
    • Supports AC generator
    • Supports DC start-up and auto restart
    • Supports USB/SNMP/RS485/AS400 communication card

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