Stabilizer Load Calculator

In order to efficiently protect your equipment, it is essential to choose a voltage stabilizer that suits your specific needs. Here is Apex Power Hub Stabilizer Calculator that will help you choose the right voltage stabilizer in easy three steps; however, we always recommend you to contact a specialist.

First step: What is the input from NEPA/other Source?

Initially, check the voltage stabilizer prevailing input from NEPA and input in the first box.

Second step: Enter the Rate of Voltage fluctuation

In order to calculate the type/technology (Relay or Servo), you need to know the Rate of Voltage fluctuation and they are normally mentioned as Low, high or in Average.

Third step: choose the appliances you want to use on the voltage stabilizer.

Finally, the accuracy of a voltage stabilizer strongly influences the load it want to power. Therefore, you need to determine this accurately, according to the equipment you want to protect.

Note: if the load you need to protect is not so sophisticated (i.e. air conditioning, lighting equipment such as lamps, spotlights, floodlights, etc.) it is recommended to connect a voltage stabilizer having an accuracy less than 3%.

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